A Short Film by Denis McArdle
35mm / Ireland / Colour
Duration 12.40 min
© 2004 Songway Films


A Short Film by Denis McArdle

Gina McKee and Aidan Gillen feature in this atmospheric drama about a couple separating and leaving their home in the west of Ireland. Although still strongly connected, they decide to burn their bed in a cathartic and ritual-like fashion.

Burning the Bed is the first Irish short film to get a UK cinema release, screening with Factotum.

Origins: (Denis McArdle Director)

I was attracted to the symbolism, ambiguity and cinematic landscape of Patrick Chapman’s short story when it first appeared in The Irish Times some years ago. I wanted to make a performance film that would test my directorial ability and my attention to subtext and nuance. The film is about many things... but mostly about ambiguous things of the heart. I prefer to let the film speak for itself… It belongs to the viewer now…